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Big Lottery Fund supports older people across Thanet

Big Lottery Fund supports older people across Thanet

Thanet Volunteer Bureau has been awarded funding of over £300,000 from the Big Lottery Fund to support older people across Thanet

Over the next 3 years we will develop and build on the hugely successful work of the Thanet Community Support Partnership (TCSP), providing a strategic and co-ordinating role to TCSP partners

Develop and support the work of Thanet Over Fifties Forum – raising the voice of older people across Thanet.

Co-ordinate a range of social and information activities across Thanet to mitigate the risks of isolation

Establish a ‘Go to’ Hub that better connects older people to their communities and Services.

Continue to provide an up to date Directory of Services across all sectors for use by professionals, charities, individuals and family members supporting older people

In the coming months we will be working closely with our partners to recruit four new posts to support delivery of this exciting new phase of The Thanet Community Support Partnership.

Contact: Kerry Smith – Manager Thanet Volunteer Bureau Tel: 01843 590935