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Blog - Community Initiatives

By Jane Roberts


I just wanted to thank everyone who came to the cross sector networking event last month. It was great to see so many people having so many conversations and particularly to be able to welcome 25 new organisations that hadn’t attended before.  

The speakers kept it short and directly relevant to the people there. I know some find it hard on the feet and we will be trying out some of the suggestions like themed tables and a speed dating section but the key is to keep everyone moving from one conversation to another.

   Event _S1

This kind of event really helps towards achieving KCCs vision that the “VCSE is empowered in their decision making through opportunities providing networking with independent and impartial information that is relevant and targeted.” and gave us the opportunity to say more about Stronger Kent Communities approach to this. 


Our next project will be looking at representation of the sector on statutory bodies to provide a VCSE perspective to public decision makers. If you have any thoughts or views on this please share them – this is for the whole sector. 

Hope you enjoy the sunshine as it starts to clear the winter chills – I have been in my garden getting ready for spring planting!  

  Faversham _Networking 28Feb

Best wishes, 

Chair, KentCAN CIC


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