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Kent In Brief 13th August



KCC launches new select committee on loneliness and social isolation 
Kent County Council’s (KCC) Scrutiny Committee has established a Loneliness and Social Isolation Select Committee to identify ways it can support the county’s older residents.

East Kent clinical commissioning groups to work more closely together 
Following their annual assessment by their regulator, NHS England, the four east Kent clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have been placed in special measures.

Start preparing now for the 2018 charity annual return
The 2018 annual return service will be available by the end of August. It will include new questions that you can start preparing for now.

Sources: Kent County Council, Ashford CCG, Charity Commission


What's On

18 Aug Accredited Emergency First Aid at Work, Margate

20 Aug Coffee and Information Project, The Moor

21 Aug Coffee and Information Project, Mansto

22 Aug Coffee and Information Project, Boughton Under Blean

23 Aug Coffee and Information Project, Kingswood

24 Aug Coffee and Information Project, East Church

28 Aug Coffee and Information Project, Laddingford

29 Aug Accredited Emergency First Aid at Work, Ashford

30 Aug Coffee and Information Project, Harvel

30 Aug 1 Day IOSH - Working Safely, Margate

31 Aug Coffee and Information Project, High Halden

04 Sep Coffee and Information Project, Ringwould

05 Sep Coffee and Information Project, Vigo

07 Sep Coffee and Information Project, Newington

22 Sep Stronger Kent Community Fair, Tonbridge & Malling

23 Nov Building Business with PURPOSE, Ashford



Voluntary sector mapping for Headstart

Posted: 9th August 2018 by Stronger Kent Communities

As part of Stronger Kent Communities role on the Headstart board we have been asked to find out about any groups, forums or networking events which Headstart could use as a way of reaching out to the voluntary sector to facilitate some joint working and raise awareness of the programme. Specifically Headstart is looking for either youth groups generally who work with young people or those with an interest in supporting those with mental health issues. If any of you know of any means as to how they can reach voluntary groups or present to them in person please can you send us details.

If you know of any groups in your areas that can be approached that would be really helpful or any CVS bodies who may put on networking events other than our own.

Headstart itself is a programme which is run by KCC but funded by Big Lottery to build resilience in 10 – 16 year olds so that their mental health and wellbeing is looked after and does not lead to them entering the NHS mental health system. More details can be found at


Put your cause in the spotlight with KM Charity of the Year 2019
Good causes and voluntary groups can receive a free masterclass in preparing the perfect KM Charity of the Year application.




Consultation on Charity Digital Code of Practice 

The aim of the Code is to make digital more accessible to charities of all sizes, helping them develop their skills and increase their take up of digital activity. It will also aim to create a level playing field for all organisations and to make charities more accessible for beneficiaries, as well as to create new opportunities for funders to engage with digital, and enhance collaboration across the sector.

Closing date: 25th September



Interim Chief Executive Officer
Closing date: 13th August

Community Connector, Folkestone 
Closing date: 14th August

Mental Health Support Worker, Tunbridge Wells
Closing date: 4th September

Deputy Chief Executive
Closing date: 4th September


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