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Kent In Brief - 15th May

Kent In Brief - 15th May

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Jane's Blog - Creative Sustainability

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Jane's Blog - Creative Sustainability

Rain at last for the garden, we may yet see some veg! I have a friend who has a very productive allotment and he bases this on giving his new plants some water to get settled in but then not watering them again. He works on the principle that if he keeps watering them he will have to because they depend on it. If he doesn’t they will grow better roots and find what water is available.  This seems to me to be where we are going in funding for the voluntary sector support. Sustainability is the new watch word but the challenge of fair pricing in a sector where every penny counts and investment often seems a luxury rather than a necessity means that we have to be very clear about benefits and creative about potential funding sources! 

KentCAN has long promoted representation of the sector in an independent and impartial way.  We have been running our “Sector Perspective” page for some time and have always wanted to extend this more widely. With that in view we have applied for some seed funding to create a network of sector representatives operating to a code of practice  based on sharing information. Many statutory bodies want a voluntary sector perspective at the table but it can be difficult for them to identify the right people. On the other side many organisations are willing to be at the table but don’t know how to get nominated and if they are they find it can be onerous and expensive to do this. We plan to address both of these issues with this scheme.  If you are keen to either be a representative or want to engage with one let us know. We hope to be able to start working on the scheme in June if we get the support we need to start with. 

Talking of June – it starts off with Volunteers Week 1st to 7th!  This is a great opportunity to celebrate volunteering in its very many forms. You can find ideas and information on run by the NCVO.  Let us know of any plans you have and we will happily let our Kent in Brief readers know about them and pass them on to the Volunteering team for Stronger Kent Communities.


Best wishes, 


Chair, KentCAN CIC 



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News (1)

In the News   


UK Civil Society Almanac 2017

The Almanac brings together data from charities’ accounts, administrative data and surveys to provide a comprehensive overview of the structure and economy of the UK voluntary sector, and is full of information on a range of topics including finance, workforce and volunteering.


Ten point plan to boost local services – local government sets out key manifesto asks

Local government leaders are calling on all political parties to commit to a 10-point plan to boost vital local services, build homes, create school places, close skills gaps and drive economic growth.


Mid-sized charities are being squeezed by local funding cuts

For the first time in a decade central government funding for the voluntary sector is more than local government funding for the sector. 


Councils face £2 billion funding gap to support vulnerable children by 2020

Local government leaders are calling on all political parties ahead of the General Election to commit to the life chances of children and young people by acting urgently to address this funding gap.


Big Lottery Fund signs memorandum of understanding with Charity Commission

The Big Lottery Fund has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Charity Commission that enables the two organisations to share information to prevent misconduct by charities. 


Registration opens for Medway Mile which is celebrating its 10th anniversary

It began as a countdown event to mark the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, but 10 years later the Medway Mile is still going strong.


Kent and Medway schools to tackle walk to school challenge next month to win top prizes

Pupils dedicated to eco-friendly travel will take a walk on the wild side this summer to win absolutely fabulous prizes


To improve mental health, politicians must start with the benefits system

Two-thirds of British adults have experienced mental health problems at some point in their lives, according to the Mental Health Foundation. For people forced to use a food bank like ours, the figures are even higher


A new month-long festival has been announced for Herne Bay

Organised by a number of community groups and organisations, the festival will feature large scale events every weekend throughout the month, supported by smaller events on weekdays.

Live Well Kent helps thousands in first year

Live Well Kent is a network of mental health and wellbeing organisations, co-run by charities Porchlight and Shaw Trust, which support residents to manage their mental health and physical or emotional wellbeing before things reach crisis point. Currently, 39 different organisations are part of the scheme which launched last May and has worked with 4,652 isolated and vulnerable individuals. 


Refocusing Public Health England

PHE has created a new Health Improvement directorate.


Sources: NCVO, Civil Society, Local Government Association, Canterbury City Council, Kent County Council, Public Health England 

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Volunteering Roadshow - 23rd May

As part of the ongoing roll out of the Stronger Kent Communities Kent-wide projects, the Canterbury & Herne Bay Volunteer Centre will be hosting the next Volunteering Roadshow in the Folkestone. 

Date & time: Tuesday  23rd May 2017:  10:00 – 12:30

Location: Volunteer Centre Shepway, Radnor Park Community Centre (Formally United Reformed Church), Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone CT20 2QL

Book Now 

These Roadshows are aimed at enhancing the ability of Volunteer Involving Organisation’s in order to:

  • Increase their volunteering offer to volunteers 

  • Increase access to those who may not traditionally volunteer

  • Increase their profile in terms of volunteering and community action

We aim to hold Roadshows in all the 12 Districts in Kent over the coming year.

The Volunteering Roadshows will help organisations extend the range and type of volunteering opportunities available to them, their existing volunteers and potential future volunteers . This will include looking at virtual, micro, speed, one off volunteering opportunities as well as examining best practice in regard to the management of volunteers.

This session will comprise an overview of the types of volunteering formats, participatory desktop sessions and the provision of a number of 1:1 surgeries either on the day or arranged for a future date.

This workshop will cost £35 per participant.


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REVAMP SKC_logo _Large

REVAMP Quality Mark Workshop - 30th May

As part of the Stronger Kent Communities consortium activities, the Canterbury & Herne Bay Volunteer Centre will be hosting the next Kent-wide workshop featuring the REVAMP (Recognition of Excellent Volunteer Management & Practice) Quality Mark.  

The purpose of the REVAMP Quality Mark is to both showcase and increase best practice in Volunteer Management across Kent. Formulated by a number of Volunteer Centres in Kent, the Quality Mark has recently been successfully piloted in the Canterbury District and is now being extended across Kent.  

REVAMP is a low cost, straight forward process which will enable you to show that your organisation offers meaningful and well-supported opportunities to existing and potential volunteers.  

This workshop is free to attend but submissions for the REVAMP Quality Mark will include a £100 charge per organisation.  

Date & time: Tuesday  30th May  10:00 – 12:30
The Angel Centre, Angel Lane, Tonbridge TN9 1SF 
Book Now 

Stronger Kent Communities will be hosting workshops in all the Districts in Kent over the coming year so if you can't make this one, others will be advertised shortly. 


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Kent Health and Wellbeing Focus Groups

Kent’s Health and Wellbeing Board is developing its next Health and Wellbeing Strategy for 2018-2023. 

The Board is interested in gathering the views of the voluntary sector to inform the strategy, particularly about the proposed health and wellbeing priorities for children and older people.  

We want to bring together a small group from the sector to look at:

  • How the voluntary sector contributes to the health and wellbeing of children and older people

  • What are the main issues facing people approaching your organisation 

  • The barriers people face when trying to access support

  • Local creative solutions which are being used to support children and older people  

Group One: Older People

5th June 2.30-4pm at Kent Chamber of Commerce, Ashford Business Point, Waterbrook Avenue, Sevington, Ashford TN24 0LH 

Group Two: Children

15th June 2.30-4pm at Kent Chamber of Commerce, Ashford Business Point, Waterbrook Avenue, Sevington, Ashford TN24 0LH


The Health and Wellbeing Strategy is being developed by Karen Cook, Health and Relationships Adviser from Kent County Council who will be at both groups to hear your views.  

The Groups will be facilitated by Alex Krutnik, Chair of Stronger Kent Communities (Infrastructure Consortium).  

If you are interested in attending either of the focus groups please email with the subject heading ‘HWB Focus Groups’.  If you are selected to attend we will be back in touch with you in due course.  

The public consultation documents will be available after 9th June and will be circulated to the whole sector via KentCAN 


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KM Dragon Boat Race Logo 

KM Dragon Boat Race on Sunday, 2 July           

Charities will generate a bumper cash windfall at the annual KM Dragon Boat Race on Sunday, 2 July. 

Staged at Mote Park in Maidstone the event is the biggest fundraising event of the year for many charities. Last year’s sold-out event saw 50 teams raising £100,000 for good causes across the county. 

Teams of 11 will try to paddle their way to victory with one of the crew beating a drum to set the pace. Each team will take part in at least three races with the fastest boats competing in the finals at the end of the day. 

Encourage your supporters to book online at Click on ‘event booking’ and use the code KMNEWS17 for a £50 booking discount.                    

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Events -icon -orange-





Kent Creative Awards 2017, Ashford


KM Charity Walk


REVAMP Quality Mark Workshop, Dartford


The National Children and Young Peoples Mental Health Conference, London


Working in Partnership to End Forced Marriage & Honour Based Violence, London


Please visit the Events section on our website to view our full calendar. 

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training icon





Supporting People Living with Psychosis & Personality Disorders, Chatham


Emergency First Aid in the Workplace, Herne Bay 


Excel Training, Ashford 


PowerPoint Training, Herne Bay


Publisher Training, Herne Bay


Basic News Photography, Herne Bay


Time Management, Chatham


Assertiveness, Chatham


Please visit the Training section on our website to view further courses.  

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This is your opportunity to influence decisions and to have your say on a range of topics: 

 Dept . Education  

National Fostering Stocktake 

Department for Education are seeking views on the current state of foster care in England and how to improve the prospects of children in care.

Closing date: 16th June


Family Events and Activities 

As part of their funding from Heritage Lottery Fund, Tunbrdge Wells Cultural and learning hub are exploring what might be provided in the new Hub. This questionnaire is part of a wider dialogue about the Hub and how it will be used. Your answers will help us make decisions about future facilities and programmes within it.  

Closing date: 27th May 

  Gov (2)  

Consultation on complementary and alternative medicines 

This consultation is about the Commission’s approach to deciding whether an organisation which uses or promotes CAM therapies is a charity. For an organisation to be charitable, its purposes must be exclusively charitable. Some purposes relate to health and to relieve the needs of the elderly and disabled. 

They are seeking views on: 

  • the level and nature of evidence to support CAM

  • conflicting and inconsistent evidence

  • alternative therapies and the risk of harm

  • palliative alternative therapy 

Closing date: 19th May 


Please visit our website to view further consultations. If you'd like to add a questionnaire or consultation to future bulletins please contact  

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Funding Deadlines 



20 May  Heritage Enterprise 

22 May  Sport England Core Market Fund  

24 May  Scottish Power Energy People Trust  

24 May  The Hilden Charitable Fund – Summer Play Schemes 

25 May  Veolia Environmental Trust 

26 May  Cash 4 Clubs 


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 East Kent Mencap (7)


Operations Manager

Closing Date: 2nd June




 Thanet VC (4)  

Project Co-ordinator, Thanet

Closing Date: 17th May



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