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KentCAN Communicator

Annual fee from £250 + bespoke communication costs

KentCAN Communicator


As a KentCAN Communicator you will receive all the benefits of the Networker package plus:

Bespoke and Personalised Media

Do you have an event coming up or are you about to launch a new campaign, policy issue or change?

We offer KentCAN Communicators the opportunity to promote their work directly to the full membership (over 4,000 frontline VCSEs) through our email contacts database.

This could include announcements, information on particular initiative or projects, newsletters, multiple topics or communicating key messages.  You can choose your audience of interest and personalise the demographic according to our database criteria.

Following your bespoke marketing request we will provide you with a list of how many people have opened our correspondence and which links they have clicked.

Our fee structure is based upon content on a single side paper (A4 equivalent) distributed to the number of recipients you have chosen and your organisation status:

Charity rate £0.15 per addressee
Non-charity rate £0.35 per addressee

Multisided documents and more extensive content by negotiation


Additional Members
KentCAN will keep your colleagues up-to-date, you can register an unlimited number of email addresses with the same domain.


KentCAN CEO Network
Raise your profile by sponsoring a KentCAN CEO Network meeting.

Providing the leaders of Kent and Medway VCSEs with the opportunity to meet with their peers, to influence the county’s key stakeholders and to seek out opportunities to collaborate with colleagues.

  • Improve representation & sector engagement

  • Improved sector cohesion

  • Improved commissioning


Event Management
Our event management service tailored to your needs, we are experienced in

  • sourcing a range of venues

  • providing targeted marketing

  • countywide events

  • low cost local events

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