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KentCAN Funding Alert - 5th July

KentCAN Funding Alert - 5th July

Our latest funding bulletin is available to read online, containing grants that community groups, charities, companies, local authorities and individuals can apply for.   

Tech to Unite Us

The programme aims to demonstrate how tech can reach its transformative potential when it’s driven by one of the greatest opportunities of our time – equality.

We encourage your interpretation of the theme, so if you’re using tech to increase access, opportunity or quality of outcomes in terms of wealth, health, education, political participation, community engagement or social justice - and you meet the criteria - you should apply!

Eligible ventures could receive a grant of up to £45K, plus a bespoke package of technical assistance, over a 9-12-month funding period.

Closing date: 25th July  


 Email Line

Plus, funding for projects supporting the following 

  • Community Groups

  • Older People

  • Health & Welfare
  • Start up support
  • Environment
  • Heritage
  • Plus much more....

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