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We have recently contacted all our contacts with the statement below. If you are new to our website or are not on our circulation list there is still a short window of opportunity (until 9th November 2018) to add your contact details as a Connector to future mailings from SKC.

Those of you who have been loyal followers since we set up KentCAN CIC from the ashes of the charity of that name will know that our abiding passion has been to provide an impartial independent channel for information to the voluntary and community sector in Kent and for that sector to have its voice heard. We have been proud to be the only impartial Kent wide trusted source of news and opinions and to support KCC in developing their long-standing support to the sector by taking part in the collaboration that has become Stronger Kent Communities. Through providing them with our skills and facilities they have now become established as the Kent wide provider of services to the voluntary and community sector and are now positioned to deliver our role themselves.

I have always felt that the purpose of a socially motivated organisation to put itself out of “business” by achieving its objectives. We occupy a very different place from the commercial sector in that regard. If you set up a charity for a specific purpose and that is achieved the charity can rest and take satisfaction in a job well done. In the same way Paula, Keith and I feel that we can now turn our attentions to our next passions.  Those of you who know us personally will not be surprised by this. I moved back to my home in Hertfordshire 3 years ago, Keith is living in Wales and Paula has returned to Edinburgh.

We would like to thank all those individuals and organisations who have supported and encouraged us with kind words. We will miss you but hope that we can take your encouragement and use it to benefit other communities.

SKC would like to continue providing “Kent in Brief” as a well-regarded source of information, means of communication information and providing opportunities for voluntary and community organisations. As a great legacy we would like to help them to do this by providing the contact details from our database. We have built this up over the last nine years from information provided to us by you. In data protection terms where we do not have a specific opt-in we have relied on legitimate interest and always provided a means to stop holding your data.

We have undertaken a legitimate interest assessment as recommended by the Information Commissioner’s Office and believe that providing your contact details to SKC via ACRK (who receive our assets on closure in accordance with the law on Community Interest Companies) for the purpose of SKC continuing Kent in Brief is of benefit to you and the Kent community you help. You may wish to view SKC’s privacy notice, our privacy notice and/or our legitimate interest assessment before indicating below. If you do not wish to indicate now then SKC will continue to send you Kent in Brief with the option to unsubscribe at any time.

If you do not want us to transfer your details please UNSUBSCRIBE NOW.

If you want to contact us for any reason before we close on 9th November please do.

We wish you every success with your future work for the benefit of the Kent Community

Jane, Paula and Keith