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Third Sector involvement in service development


National Government guidance to statutory agencies over recent years has emphasised the need to include the third-sector in policy making and planning. It can be time consuming and difficult to ensure the representatives on statutory groups have the reach within the sector and provide relevant input and feedback to the group.

Providing Perspective facilitates this participation. This page and the linked documents explain the structured approach for representation requests to be made and for individuals to volunteer for, and get involved with, representation opportunities.  

The third sector has a great deal to offer in terms of identifying local need, helping to design solutions to meet those needs, providing a channel of communication and means of consulting with more vulnerable people, especially those who can be harder to reach through statutory services.

If a statutory service, other agency or business would like to have a third sector representative on a board, panel or committee there are two steps involved:

  • Joining the ‘Providing Perspective’ initiative is through the KentCAN ‘Communicator’ membership. This has a nominal fee of £250 per annum and benefits include a range of communication, collaboration and information sharing benefits. Follow this link to join up:
  • Complete the representation guidance and request form which can be found here. 

If you work in the third sector and believe you have insight and expertise you can share on a voluntary basis on behalf of your sector, then download a representation request form.

To ensure best practice is used and that the relationship works appropriately and to the mutual benefit of all parties involved, a Code of Conduct is provided as guidance on the joint working arrangements.

KentCAN then works as a ‘broker’ to find the best match between incoming representation requests and our growing pool of volunteers. When a likely match is found, KentCAN will make introductions by email, leaving the parties involved to make arrangement for the representation work to commence. If for any reason a proposed role does not look an appropriate match, then KentCAN will search for and propose an alternate volunteer.

For enquiries or questions about the Providing Perspective initiative please contact us