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VCS Representation

Posted: 20th July, 2018 by Sarah Williams

My name is Sarah Williams and I have been asked by Kent CAN on behalf of the Stronger Kent Communities Consortium to lead on a project called ‘Providing Perspective’ which is all about voluntary and community sector (VCS) representation on Kent county level partnerships. 

The number, structure and membership of partnerships has changed remarkably over the last few years, however the importance of effective and efficient VCS representation remains the same, if not more important due to the ever changing and fast moving external landscape in terms of finances, funding, the changes in relationships with the sector regarding contracts rather than grant funding and much more.  

With reports such as ‘Stronger Charities for a Stronger Society’, policy papers and discussions regarding the critical engagement and influence of the VCS in commissioning it is incredibly important that we harness the opportunities that we have before us to have robust and accountable representation from the VCS on all relevant and appropriate Kent county level partnerships. 

I am working my way through the partnerships, their papers, their meeting dates and their reporting officers to arrange meetings with current VCS representatives. For those partnerships who do not have representation I will be meeting with the appropriate people to ascertain what can be done. 

If anyone is interested in talking to me about representation and how they can get involved then please do feel free to contact me using the following details.


I look forward to hearing from you.