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Volunteering and Social Action


SKC will ensure Kent’s VCSEs

  • regard volunteering as valuable providing individuals with opportunities to contribute to their community and that volunteering is accessible to all regardless of their skills or time capacity
  • are supported to recruit, manage and co-ordinate their volunteers
  • create opportunities for those who wish to engage in social action, which reflects local needs and wants

Volunteering and Social Outcomes are scheduled to include:

  • a project with private sector businesses to trial and deliver high-impact volunteer partnerships
  • improving skills, confidence, knowledge and experience via volunteering, training and support for job seekers
  • a Quality Mark for all volunteer-involving organisations
  • coordinating a series of events that celebrate and reward volunteering across Kent
  • creation of a Kent-wide online portal, hotline and dedicated volunteering e-mail
  • workshops to help organisations extend the range and types of volunteering
  • a skills-matching service between VCSEs and the private sector
  • forums to support & act as focal points for volunteers
  • connecting new retirees with their community
  • support to encourage involvement of young people on VCSE boards
  • establishment of an online learning environment
  • development of time banks in deprived communities across Kent.
  • introductory sessions aimed at volunteers needing additional help to engage.